Practice Statement, Profile & C.V.


I think of my practice as a study on other worlds possible.
In part these are worlds of form – but never exclusively so. While my work claims a space of play, intellectual and aesthetic, it is also a practical search for ways to live within the denseness, multi-synchronicity and inter-relatedness of personal, cultural and political events and understand their rhizome-like infiltration of our lives.

‘In Relation’, says Édouard Glissant, ‘passivity has no part. Every time an individual or community attempts to define its place in it, it helps blow the usual way of thinking off course’.

Central to my work is the desire to relate and recontextualise, to reveal Relation.
This leads to a close engagement with mobility and its resulting displacements. If these are not the primary sources of contemporary culture, they are certainly powerful engines of its complexity. The resulting artworks are less medium-bound than they are projective and enquiry driven. When questions come up – ‚why that?‘ or ‚what if?‘ – I sustain them over researches into form and medium, fieldwork and literature, through to the completion of a work. Equally fascinated by narrative, I am searching for forms of diegesis that might express, imagine and enact other worlds possible.



Born in Athens I grew up in a bilingual environment in-between two cultures: the Greek and the German. Serendipitous paths led me to devote three decades of my life each in a different European city.

In 2000 I enrolled on a B.A. in Film & Photography in Edinburgh, Scotland and absolved it with a solid training as photographer, film director and film editor. Between 2003 and 2008 I worked as video editor for documentaries in the Edinburgh-based independent production houses Beanland Films and Wee Red Films and travelled every free moment of my life. In parallel I nurtured an arts practice with international presence. Stipends and residencies supported the production of work that I have shown in museums and galleries nationally and internationally.

During my Master’s (Fine Art, 2004-2005) I focused on working with sound. The audio-works I created between 2004 and 2007 fused elements of performance with ambient sound recordings captured on loation during travels. The works used the dictionary as metaphor for migration, cultural estrangement, language acquisition and the forming of identities.

In 2008 I came across a small number of black and white photographs in the City Archive of Munich. They represented Gastarbeiter migrants from the 1950s. The photographs evoked questions I decided to address in a practice-led Ph.D research (2009-2013). I investigated the provenance of images and the reasons behind the profound gaps in the archive’s otherwise substantial photographic stock. Why had fourteen million people left  almost no photographic trace in the public archive of a city that operated as the ‘Ellis Island’ of West Germany?

Druing my Ph.D I produced the feature length audio-walk History Remix ( that was received widly as an innovative research combining art practice and research in the fields of aesthetics, contemporary history and archives.

In 2009 I started collaborating with the two Berlin-based companies Expedere, The Story Factory ( and Story Dealer Berlin ( on large scale, comissioned, performative events. In the past nine years we have realised more than twenty projects in Europe and further afield. I am co-owner in both companies since 2012.

In 2014 Panos Adamopoulos and I founded the independent production house lucid walks ( and have embarked on the adventure of making arthouse films. After the film essays The Eye of the Beholder (2014) and Drive Through (2015) we made the medium length experimental documentary Studio Harmattan (2017), and are currently developing a feautre length documentary and a medium length fiction film.



2013-2009: Ph.D. [practice-led], DJCAAD, University of Dundee
2005-2004: M.A. Fine Art, DJCAAD, University of Dundee
2003-2000: B.A. Film & Photography, Screen Academy, Napier University Edinburgh

2017: Studio Harmattan – author, director, camera, editor, producer
2015: Drive Through – author, director, editor, co-producer
2014: The Eye of the Beholder – author, director, editor, producer
2009: Backgrounds Up Front – editor, producer

Upcoming Events
2018: Barcelona International Film Festival – Studio Harmattan

Film Festival Participations
2018: 20th Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival [Agora], Greece  – Studio Harmattan
2018: Visions du Réel
[Industry Media], Nyon, Switzerland – Studio Harmattan
2018: Docs Without Borders Film Festival – Studio Harmattan

2018: Hellas Filmbox, Berlin, Germany – Studio Harmattan
2017: International Film Festival Beveren, Belgium – Drive Through
2017: Stockholm Independent Film Festival, Sweden – Drive Through
2017: Hellas Filmbox, Berlin, Germany – Drive Through
2016: Berlin Experimental Film Festival, Germany – Drive Through
2016: Antimatter Film Festival, Victoria, British Columbia – Drive Through
2016: L.A. Cine Fest, Los Angeles, USA – Drive Through
2016: Depth Of Field Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada – Drive Through
2015: Berlin Independent Film Festival, Germany – The Eye of the Beholder
2015: Berlin Short Film Festival, Germany – The Eye of the Beholder

Other Screenings
2016: Friedenale 2016, Berlin, Germany – Drive Through
2015: Friedenale 2015, Berlin, Germany – The Eye of the Beholder

Selected Exhibitions
2018: Show Your Darling III: Das Bett, Kunstwild Gallery, Berlin
2017: Show Your Darling II, Kunstwild Gallery, Berlin
2016: Traces, Thumbs & Noise, Kunstwild Gallery, Berlin
2016: Perfomance Biennial, Athens
2016: Performing Arts Festival, Berlin
2015: Show Your Darling, Berlin
2015: Vagabond Flux / Micromegas, Artconnexion, Lille
2012: History Remix Revisited, City Museum Munich
2011: History Remix, Kulturreferat & City Museum Munich
2009: Talking Through the Images of Others,  Dundee Contemporary Arts, VRC, Dundee
2009: 5 Rooms, Kappatos Gallery, Athens
2009:  In Transition Russia, The National Centres of Contemporary Art Moscow
2008: Living Language, East Gallery, London
2008: In Transition Russia, NCCA National Centre of Contemporary Art, Ekaterinburg
2008: Sound : Space, South Hill Park, Bracknell
2007: Soundlab IV, MAC Museo Arte Contemporaneo Santa Fe
2007: Vertical Hold, The Punch Gallery, Seattle
2007: FILE Hipersonica, SESI, Sao Paolo
2007: Art Athina, Athens
2007: Virtual Residency, Europäisches Zentrum Für Kunst, World Heritage Site Volklingen
2007:  5 Rooms, Kappatos Gallery, Athens
2007: Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam
2006: Rotterdam [Inter]national, Kunstambassade Rotterdam
2006: The Virtual Residency, ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Technologie, Karlsruhe

Selected, Commissioned, Performance Enactments – Expedere / Story Dealer
2017: Quinta Essentia, Mainz-Mommenheim
2016: To Touch the Sky, Längenfeld
2016: Keine Macht dem Zweifel!, Heidelberg
2015: A la Recherche de l‘ Avant-Garde, Grassau
2015: Chasing Shadows, Lake Constance
2014: Tableau Vivant, Vienna
2014: BLIP, Cologne, Sao Paulo, Shanghai
2014: The Frame: Der Weg Entsteht beim Gehen, Steiermark
2014: Loch im Wasser, Münster
2013: Chicken 8.0, Wolfsburg
2012: How to Take a City Overnight, Berlin
2012: Wie kommt Neues in die Welt?, Heidelberg
2012: Journey into the Light, Berlin
2012: Expedition in die Macht des Augenblicks, Mannheim
2011: Klare Linse Frischer Blick, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne
2008: Baumschach: 1. Zug, Piedmont
2008: Kleiner Ausflug aufs Land, Brandenburg
2008: To Bring a Tale to its End, Bremen
2008: Eine kulinarische Reise, Lake Constance

Selected Prizes & Awards
2016: LAB Award for script development FEST 2016, Espinho, Portugal
2011: Edith Haberland Wagner Stiftung, München
2010: Kulturreferat München, Production Bursary for History Remix
2009: Edinburgh Visual Arts Awards 2008/09, City of Edinburgh, Scotland
2008: William Sangster Award, Dundee, Scotland
2008: Hope Scott Trust Award, Hope Scott Trust, Edinburgh, Scotland
2007: Arts Trust Scotland Award, Arts Trust of Scotland, UK
2006: Edinburgh Visual Arts Awards 2008/09, City of Edinburgh, Scotland

2007: Hospitalfield Residency, Arbroath, Scotland
2007: Villa-Waldberta Residency, Munich, Germany
2006: Stichting Duende Aktiviteiten, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2005: Scottish Sculptural Workshop, Lumsden, Scotland
2004: Corte dei Miracoli, Siena, Italy

Conferences, Symposia & Workshops
2016: (Non)performance as Method, Conference, Athens
2016: Die Kraft des Zweifelns, Symposion, Heidelberg
2016: Pitching Forum & Official Film Pitch in FEST 2016, Espinho, Portugal
2014: Systemix Reloaded,Symposion, Heidelberg
2012: Wie kommt Neues in die Welt?, Symposion, Heidelberg
2010: Memory, Identity and the Archival Paradigm, Conference, Dundee

2017: Eingriffe in das Organisiert-Sein, In: Jacques Chlopczyk ed. Beyond Storytelling
2015: Notes on Establishing an Aesthetics of Relation, In: José Quaresma and Fernando Rosa  Dias,
eds. Research in the Arts, The Oscillation of the Methods
2013: Performing a Practice-led Research on the Gastarbeiter Legacy: Toward the Production of an
Aesthetics of Relation, Duncan Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee
2011: History Remix, (published with the support of Edith-Haberl & Wagner Stiftung and the City
Museum Munich)
2008: Virtual Residency 2006-2007, Krüger&Druck, Dillingen
2008: In Transition Russia, NeMe, Cyprus
2007: Open Here: Construcktions Connextions, Landeshauptstadt München, Kulturreferat, Munich
2006: discparc 003: Converse Without Leaving Home, Exhibitions Department of Duncan Jordanstone
College of Art and Design, Dundee