Skin Of The Surface



Pigment Print on Fine-Art Photo Paper

Series 1 : 60 x 80 cm
Series 2:

[each a unique non-reproducible work]

2015 – ongoing


At the heart of this series of works lies my mistrust of the photographic surface. I am searching for ways to puncture the immaculate appearance of photographs, to work against the awe their glossy surface evokes. For the first series (37°11’59.14”N , 26°47’58.68”E) I worked with 35 mm film. Close-up shots of shallow water and waves taken at the exact location the title indicates – 37°11’59.14”N , 26°47’58.68”E – were printed on heavy, fine art photo-paper. I am revisiting the exact spot where I have shot the images and relinquish each print to the surge of the waves. The thin web of fissures and other abrasion marks on the photographic surface is what the sea adds to its own photographic representation. Partially destroying the image the natural element lends its representation a new – tactile – dimension.


 [series 1] : 37°11’59.14”N , 26°47’58.68”E

stefanos pavlakis_HIDDEN PLEASURES 1

stefanos pavlakis_HIDDEN PLEASURES 2