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Approx. 2 hours
(break included)


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A thematic, site-related and audio-guided tour through the city of Munich. ‚History Remix‘ turns its audiences into contemplative flâneurs. You will walk through some lesser known streets of Munich, rest in cafés and squares, enter landmark buildings on the outskirts of the city – all this while following four narrating voices through your headphones. It is these voices that will guide you step-by-step through the city and entangle you in a search for a photographic document that seems to have disappeared into the city’s public archive. Like literally living in a film, in which the director has control over the soundtrack only, the city itself  becomes the mise-en-scène for a story that takes you back to the history of the Arbeitsmigration. And you, a contemporary flâneuse, are confronted with those ghosts of the past.

The audio files for the walk are available for free download in English and German. The file above is only an excerpt of the work. Visit the website through the ‚view project‘ button to access the project’s site for a full download. There is a choice of English or German language.