Drive Through

Essay Film



HD video

17 :  21 min.
Trailer 01 : 46 min.


Three young, white men travel through Morocco. They have assigned themselves a mission and entrusted a photographer with documenting their deeds. ‚Drive Through‘ is the story of this self-assigned mission, in which nothing works out as envisioned. The essay film relies on a set of photo documents that become animated through staged gestures, an imaginative handling of ambient sound and a playful inclusion of the weather conditions found on location while filming.

‚Drive Through‘ stems out of my interest in snapshot, documentary style, travel photography. The genre is broad. It nevertheless tends towards a representation of the Other as actor in a setting of ‘picturesque despair‘, seemingly unimaginable within the context of Western everyday lives. The degree of intertwinement between Here – our homes and lives – and There – other peoples’ homes and lives – remains silenced in such photographic genres. ‚Drive Through‘ uses elements of narrative to undertake a partial un-silencing of such issues, while at the same time navigating a pictorial space in which images do not necessarily explain themselves. A narrative that folds back onto itself invites audiences to trace echoes of the Cubists‘ practice of collage as gesture of spatial violence.


stefanos pavlakis_DRIVE THROUGH still 1

stefanos pavlakis_DRIVE THROUGH still 2

stefanos pavlakis_DRIVE THROUGH still 3